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Is your office opening back up? 3 things to remember from a sanitizing services company in Harrisburg
March 23, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Is your office opening back up? 3 things to remember from a sanitizing services company in Harrisburg

With vaccines being distributed worldwide, many businesses are starting to open back up and workers are returning to offices. But as workplaces open again, our idea of normal has shifted, requiring businesses to keep up with new expectations.

Here at Immaculate Home Reflections, which provides sanitizing services in Harrisburg and throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland, we help homes and businesses maintain sparkling clean environments. In this article, we’re sharing what you need to know about re-opening your business after the COVID-19 pandemic:

You may need to revamp your cleaning practices

Even though there is now a vaccine for COVID-19, employees and clients have gotten used to the idea of workplaces maintaining pristine environments. This will likely become a new standard long after the pandemic has ended, and it’s important that you’re meeting these new expectations.

In order to make employees and guests feel comfortable, and to create a safe and healthy environment, we suggest revamping your cleaning practices. Those who own standard commercial offices may have only had professional cleaners come in once a month or bi-monthly.

You may want to consider having weekly or even daily cleanings, depending on the level of foot traffic in your office. Having a regular deep clean should also be part of your updated protocol. If you’re seeking deep cleaning or sanitizing services in Harrisburg, or anywhere in Pennsylvania or Maryland, our team would be happy to set your business up with a custom schedule.

Workplaces such as gyms, fitness studios, and other businesses that have communal spaces will definitely need to stick to a more frequent and thorough cleaning regimen. It’s also a good idea to display your updated policies, which can convey a dedication to your employees’ and guests’ safety.

Reduce physical points of contact

Along with expecting a clean workplace, employees are also used to physical points of contact being limited. From touch-free entrance solutions to payment methods, new norms demand that businesses reduce physical points of contact as much as possible.

While not all businesses have the resources to update their technology, there are still some things you can do to make your team and clients feel safe. For instance, consider implementing a “no sharing” policy for items like staplers, pens, and folders — at least until all of your staff members have been vaccinated.

You can also reconfigure your office so that desks are at least six feet apart. It’s also a good idea to invest in hand sanitizing stations and plenty of cleaning supplies to demonstrate your commitment to health and safety.

Implement a disinfection protocol

Although many people are getting vaccinated, workplaces will still come into contact with COVID-19 occasionally. It’s important to implement a protocol that your office will follow in the event your workplace is exposed to the virus.

As a provider of sanitizing services in Harrisburg, we recommend having your entire office thoroughly sanitized or deep cleaned whenever you suspect exposure to COVID-19. Having this plan in place will not only keep your team members and clients safe, but it will show that your business takes health and safety seriously.

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