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Dispelling Common Misconceptions About Sanitizing Services
November 28, 2020 at 5:00 AM
Sanitizing services are an effective way to keep your home or office safe from harmful bacteria.

As people started becoming increasingly cautious of the coronavirus pandemic at the start of the year, cleaning and sanitizing products were flying off the shelves in grocery stores across Pennsylvania and Maryland. There was also a marked increase in people’s interest of sanitizing services for their homes and business.

This uptick in the research of thorough cleaning tactics has led to the circulation of various misconceptions that are confusing people who just want to keep themselves safe from the virus. We want to dispel these common misconceptions so you can have the peace of mind knowing you’re doing everything you can to keep your home or business protected.

Common Misconceptions About Sanitizing Services

There is no difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.

Experts actually separate these actions into three distinct categories because of their varying levels of effectiveness at eliminating germs and bacteria that spread viruses and diseases. Cleaning is the most basic and least effective. It’s merely the act of removing contaminants like dust, dirt, and crumbs from surfaces and objects. Sanitizing is more effective than cleaning because it reduces the number of bacteria found on a surface. The most effective, though, is disinfecting. Disinfectant solutions destroy and inactivate both bacteria and viruses on hard, nonporous surfaces.

Disinfectants kill germs instantly.

Too many people spray the solution and immediately wipe it off, but that still leaves the virus-carrying bacteria on the surface. To effectively kill the germs, most solutions must be left to sit for a defined amount of time. If it isn’t allowed to dwell long enough, the active disinfectants cannot kill or inactivate the bacteria. You can find out how long the solution must be left on the surface by reading the instructions found on its label.

I can clean as effectively as professional sanitizing service providers.

If you were dedicated enough, you might have the ability to clean your home or office as thoroughly as the professionals, but it would require dedicating large amounts of your time and investing in products most people don’t own. Professional sanitizing service experts use advanced technology such as Ceramic Pro Tag air and surface purification sprays and UVC devices to kill germs at an advanced rate. They also have the expertise and knowledge needed to understand the difference between cleaning hard, nonporous surfaces and soft surfaces like carpets, drapes, and fabrics effectively.

Professional cleaning services are too expensive.

Many people have the misconception that professional sanitizing services are a luxury reserved for more affluent individuals, but in reality, many are affordable for just about anyone. Most providers have flexible service offerings, and they can tailor their approach to fit your individual needs and budget. Whether you simply require cleanings in the areas of your home or business that get the most use, or you want regularly scheduled cleanings of the entire building, you can create a custom plan to keep everyone safe without ruining your budget.

Keep your home or office safe from harmful viruses with professional sanitizing services.

The highly-trained team at Immaculate Home Reflections is dedicated to keeping your home or office protected with their top-of-the-line sanitizing and disinfecting products. Serving both residential and commercial clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland, our technicians use a progressive purification system designed to kill pathogens and leave surfaces clean and bacteria-free.

Unlike standard sterilizing products that allow pathogens to resume reproduction after cleaning, this advanced technology provides effective results for up to six months, giving you the peace of mind knowing your home or office is protected. Visit Immaculate Home Reflections online to schedule your consultation.