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Available in Charleston, South Carolina

Deep Cleaning Services

We at Immaculate Home Reflections, in our Charleston location, know that life can get in the way and sometimes you don’t get to clean your house as deeply as you would like!

Our Deep Cleaning Service has been designed for you. With this service we make it easy for you! It starts with our Cleaning professionals , on the day of your service our cleaning professionals will contact you within 30 minutes of their arrival time and in the time window given to you! Our cleaning professionals will than introduce ourselves to you and do a quick walk through of the property with you to discuss what needs done and if there is any areas of special interest. Once the walk through is complete our cleaning professionals will promptly get to work on your project! Our cleaning professionals will clean your bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, living area, dining area, interior windows, vacuum the carpet or clean your hard flooring, in addition to this they will also clean ceiling fans, light switches, base boards much more!

Once your service is complete our cleaning professionals will than go on another walk through with you to ensure the job is done right! After you have agreed you are satisfied we will than take payment!

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Move In/Out Services

You have decided to move, now what? Your full of emotions happiness, nervousness, excited, overwhelmed this can be a daunting time and who really has time to worry about cleaning certainly not you, Immaculate Home Reflections has your back! Our dedicated team of cleaning professionals love nothing more than to help our customers have one less worry!

Our move in, move out service is perfect for you! Stop stressing about your cleaning needs and contact our Charleston, SC location for one less worry!

Moving Day

Carpet Shampooing Services

We at Immaculate Home Reflections know that choosing a carpet cleaning company in South Carolina can feel overwhelming with all the different methods and choices out in the market place so we have made the choice easy for you!

Unlike the many other options available we believe our method is the only way to do the job right!

Our service is a true deep clean of your carpets we start with A complete vacuum we than use our antimicrobial cleaner and we continue with our deep cleaning machines. Our machines will first inject our cleaning solution at high pressure into your carpets this will loosen up any dirt trapped deep down, the machine will than use its built in scrubber to further loosen particles trapped in the fibers of the carpet once that is done it will than extract up to 95% of the cleaning solution left, leaving your carpets dry far quicker than any other method presently in the market place, while your carpets dry our solution than uses a encapsulation technology that will continue to clean and trap dirt as it dries, once completely dry, simply vacuum your carpet And enjoy them at the cleanest they have been since installation!

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