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Carpet Shampooing Services

We at Immaculate Home Reflections know that choosing a carpet cleaning company can feel overwhelming with all the different methods and choices out in the market place so we have made the choice easy for you!

Unlike the many other options available we believe our method is the only way to do the job right!

Our service is a true deep clean of your carpets we start with A complete vacuum we than use our antimicrobial cleaner and we continue with our deep cleaning machines. Our machines will first inject our cleaning solution at high pressure into your carpets this will loosen up any dirt trapped deep down, the machine will than use its built in scrubber to further loosen particles trapped in the fibers of the carpet once that is done it will than extract up to 95% of the cleaning solution left, leaving your carpets dry far quicker than any other method presently in the market place, while your carpets dry our solution than uses a encapsulation technology that will continue to clean and trap dirt as it dries, once completely dry, simply vacuum your carpet And enjoy them at the cleanest they have been since installation!

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