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3 benefits of UVC technology for your home and office
October 6, 2020 at 7:00 AM
a home that has been disinfected with UVC technology

UVC technology, also known as ultraviolet C radiation technology, is a new and thorough way to disinfect and sanitize surfaces in your home or business.

But does it really do what it’s supposed to do? And is it worth it to make the switch to UVC solutions? We’re here to help shed some light on this new technology.

Here are three reasons why we use UVC technology — and why you should consider using it for your home and office too.

1. UVC radiation is proven to work

Studies show that UVC light works to either kill microscopic organisms outright or destroy their DNA. When these tiny organisms then try to reproduce or replicate themselves, they die. Companies in various industries — including healthcare and manufacturing — use this technology to purify everything from everyday surfaces to water, food, and even the air we breathe.

2. UVC radiation leaves no harmful chemicals or residue behind

Nothing is added during the sanitization process, so there’s no chance of UVC radiation being passed on to your family or your employees after the process is complete.

The procedure also does not require the transportation or use of any toxic chemicals either, so you’re completely safe before, during, and after your UVC sanitizing service.

3. UVC technology is efficient

Conventional methods of cleaning, like by hand, require you to put in time and elbow grease in order to see results. But people aren’t perfect, and you may miss a spot or two without even knowing.

And unlike traditional cleaning methods, UVC radiation technology allows you to get into even the smallest crevices you can’t reach otherwise. It even sanitizes the air you breathe, which gets rid of microorganisms and mold spores that are undetectable to the human eye — a feat that’s virtually impossible with other cleaning methods.

Essentially, UVC technology is an effective and time-saving way to clean every inch of your home or office with ease.

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